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AAAAAAAHHHH i have been awake for like 36 hours now xD got up at 9 am on tuesday, movie marathon from 11am tues - 11am wed with only around 2 hours sleep, and then like a 1 hour nap at whittier's house. fuck yeah!

so that was pretty grand. we watched 10 movies:
my darling clementine
the motorcycle diaries
[in between jobs - movie by ted staring mandrew]
jesus christ vampire hunter
my bloody valentine
army of darkness
broken flowers

JCVH, oldboy, and blanc were my favs (in that order) as far as movies i'd never seen before go... clementine was actually good, my bloody valentine was worse than i expected (read: total crap) and full of awful, gimmicky 3D. i tried to sleep through it, but even with my sleep mask and earplugs i was kept awake by the screams for most of the movie xD we didn't watch coraline in 3D, though we had the glasses, cause the colors looked weird. army of darkness was hilarious and finally let me in on a lot of the billy & mandy jokes i'd been missing out on, but i did fall asleep for the final assault against the undead army and conclusion. we ate breakfast at a diner, and then watched broken flowers, which disappointed me in that it had no conclusion... i guess annoyed is more the term, but all & all a kick ass marathon/festival.

then i hung out with whittier, napped a bit, had some food, watched the simpsons, & stuff. theeeeen max & i went to the apple store at the mall and finally got naota & haruko! they were out of the 15" model i wanted on monday night, as were the store near us & in DE, so we seized the opportunity tonight. i also got the last orange case & saw manlex there (& rob), but we still have to go back some other time to get a printer when they have them in haha. monday's failure was a success, however, in that it got us away from the creepy hillbilly/drug addict looking apple employee & that i hung out with whittier until 4 am again xD
but anyway, takkun is amazing & i love him. i installed word & pshop tonight & changed a lot of the icons, but i still have many alterations to make & much installing/downloading/transferring to do with him. i haven't really done much with haruko yet cause she has to charge, but putting all that music on there is going to be a bitch.
i am much pleased with takkun... though it's hard to express in such an enervated state. the new touch pad & the motions or however that business should be referred to are particularly awesome, & i'm a fan of the new safari cause they took some of the things i liked about opera xD the keyboard is also bitchin'... everything rocks <3 and i can watch movies on my bed again! huzzah.
i am undecided about what stickers should/will go where, though... the haruko one is too big for my ipod, sadly. i have a "P!" stickers, a yellow vinyl haruko sticker that also says "FLCL," & 2 from that say "fascism has many disguises" & "all your fears are lies," which are decidedly just too good not to be employed in college to attract the people who would be entertained by/agree with them. perhaps they are not for naota-kun, though.

still gotta order ram & speakers... & clothes stuff. gotta get on that. gotta get some sleep xD my ears hate me right now and i can feel it, but i'm too beat to soak them tonight.
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