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every age has said, we will come, we'll come again

(this is the last time this will happen) // v2.0

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Birthdate:Dec 7
i have a morbid imagination.

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"novelty erasers", .hack//sign, abhorsen, aliens, animal collective, animation, anime, anti-bush, aphex twin, arcade fire, arcades, art, assemblage 23, beck, big o, björk, black, blacklights, blame!, blue, bright eyes, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, cds, chai, cheese, chumbawamba, clinic, clouds, coffee, cold, comics, computers, concerts, converse, cowboy bebop, daft punk, dance dance revolution, daria, deerhunter, drawing, dreams, dust bunnies, dvds, esperanto, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, evil, fall, fight club, final fantasy x, finnish, fire, fireworks, flcl, fluxx, fog, fonts, football/soccer, foreign currency, foreign films, french, furi kuri, game boy color, gasmasks, german, ghosts, gitaroo man, gorey movies, graffiti, green, guitar, headaches, headphones, hikikomori, his dark materials, hoodies, house of leaves, icons, imac, industrial, ink, insomnia, internet, invader zim, jthm, kingdom hearts, languages, latin, leaving, legos, lirael, manga, mechanical pencils, meeting people is easy, michel gondry, minotaurs, modest mouse, mp3s, music, music listening, neon, new radicals, nightmares, nin, not sleeping, nova, of montreal, only revolutions, orange, outlaw star, paint, paper mario, photography, photos, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates, pirates versus ninjas, pixels, plasitc, pocket knives, pokemon, quentin tarantino, r.e.m., radiohead, rain, ramen, reading, reel big fish, revolutionary girl utena, rhmb, rock, rubber ducks, rushmore, sabriel, sci-fi, serial experiments lain, sharpies, shaun of the dead, short wave radios, slc punk, snow, spraypaint, stars, stickers, subways, sunsets, super nintendo, tea, techno, tekkonkinkreet, the barenaked ladies, the life aquatic, the life aquatic with steve zissou, the mars volta, the princess bride, the royal tenenbaums, the science of sleep, the secret machines, tim burton, translating, travel, vcds, vespas, vhs, video games, violin, vltf, vnv nation, wes anderson, why?, winamp 3, writing, yoko kanno, yoshi's island, zombies
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